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Look into our embroidery services for that professional look. We make sure our work is of the highest quality.

We do...


  Corporate polo shirts
  Jackets, vests and windshirts
  Bags, totes, briefcases
  Caps and visors
  Button-down shirts
  Team uniforms and numbering
  Sweatshirts and sweatpants
  Contract embroidery
  Towels and aprons
  Work shirts, pants and uniforms
  Lettermen's jackets
  Cheer uniforms and jackets
  Ladies wear
  Safety wear
  Youth garments
  Spirit wear




Embroidery pricing is tied to the number of stitches involved, rather than the number of ink colors. Feel free to send us a multi-color logo for embroidery without worrying about the price being too high. Pricing is also dependent on the number of garments to be embroidered.


Can I order if I am not in the Bay Area?
Yes. We accept orders from all over the United States. (Free-Shipping!)

Can I bring my own garments in for embroidery and printing?
Yes. However, quite often we can save you money by purchasing the product for you because of our wholesale discount with several suppliers.

What types of garments produce the best embroidery results?
Button down shirts, jackets and bags will produce crisp results for embroidery. Loose knit shirts and caps can be difficult for small lettering and detail. 


What is applique and do you provide this service?
Applique is the type of work you see most often on a college sweatshirt. It involves the laying down of tackle twill letters and stitching around those letters. It can be very difficult and expensive. CaliPrints is an expert in this type of embroidery and currently has the best prices in the industry for applique work.



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