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In the meantime, what can I do?

Make sure your artwork is ready or decided upon. Gather the size-breakdown for your order. Let us know your deadline over e-mail, so we can accomodate you. If you are ready to order, it is best to give us a call to speed up the process. The phone# to our office is +408.550.9871, (Mon-Fri - 9am-6pm). If it is after business hours, shoot us an e-mail with your details:

What if I want a price quote NOW?

The quickest, fastest way to get a price quote is over the phone. Feel free to give us a call (Mon-Fri - 9am-6pm). 

I need a RUSH on my order?

Any order placed at least 2 weeks (10-business days) before the deadline date will receive Free-Shipping. Orders that are due before 2 weeks are generally considered rush orders. Depending on our printing schedule, we can try to waive your rush fee! Either way, if you have a time-sensitive deadline - we suggest you shoot us an e-mail or phone call ASAP. We will take care of you! 

I need help with my artwork!

We have ane excellent graphic design team ready to help you with your artwork 24/7. Send us your artwork in an e-mail with any questions or requests you may have. Any customer placing an order with us, will receive up to 1 hour of free design consultation. 

Thank your for your interest!

We will contact you with a price quote within 24 Hours!

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